Health and Performance Coach, with over 17 years experience in clinical medicine, health and fitness. Focusing on helping people to be stronger, healthier and happier.

Fitness wins, and my goal is to spread the message that as we age we do not need to subscribe to this notion that we get weaker and fatter, it does not have to be true!

As a former Paratrooper and Physical Training Instructor in the British Army, I was responsible for arduous training packages, developing raw recruits and instilling an airborne ethos in his team. Now, the screaming and shouting is out but, the no-nonsense accountability model remains!  

I help business leaders drop fat and get control of their health in order to feel energised and do more, without spending hours among lycra clad gym nuts! In fact, I do not believe that the "common" approaches to fitness work for lots of people, which is why I sit down with my clients and careful craft a bespoke health plan that they will find straightforward and fun - health and fitness should never feel like a chore!  

Clinical practice has taught me that in today’s busy life, stress, anxiety and overwhelm are common place. Every day that you DO NOT find a way to find space to focus on your own psychical and mental health is a day you will not be rewarded for in the future. Health is the only wealth. As guys we tend to not worry about it, shrugging it off, but, believe me, I have seen so many guys lose control of their health and it has negatively affected every aspect of their life, it is time we can never get back.  

Passion and frustration, in equal amounts, drive me on my mission to get out and help people find their own path to awesome health! -NQ  

Brighton health coach

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