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  • No long workouts
  • No unsustainable nutrition plans
  • No nonsense

Is your current plan getting you results?

Let me share my system for sustainable fitness with you over the next 7 days...

Over the next 7 days I will teach you a system to manage your nutrition, training and lifestyle to build a sustainable and enjoyable path to fitness

I spent the last 4 years working out how to get lean and build muscle whilst working 60 hour weeks as a paramedic and coach...Struggling to find time to train with two young boys at home!

I knew that a couple of runs a week and trying to cut out sugars was NEVER going to get me the results that I wanted. I needed system to follow that would;

  • Stop me second guessing what I should be doing, making up home workouts or throwing in a little sprint the end of my run to "feel the burn".
  • Build a sustainable fitness plan that would allow me to get lean, stay lean and add some muscle mass.
  • Stop second guess if that new keto or vegan diet would help me to feel fitter and help me to drop some fat (it won't).
  • Have a simple method to eat what I wanted to eat and still see results (yes, carbs, yes, beer!).

I knew I needed a system and a process to get me hitting the mark, remove the guessing and progress toward my fitness goals. This couldn't be a dogmatic, time consuming beast, it had to be practical and sustainable.

A system that would fit into a very busy life where toileting in peace is not even sacred...

This lead me to design the Elemental Protocol. The system that will allow you to get off the plateau you are on and build the body that you want.

A system that I could use to get and stay lean even when sleep (lack of), family and work got in the way. In the next 7 days I want to share the exact system with you. Sound good?

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FREE 7 Day Challenge Starts Monday

This Challenge is designed to kickstart your fitness. A step by step system that removes the guess work and shows you how to effectively drop fat and get stronger.

  • The precise, strategy to drop fat and get strong. Simple actionable steps to find and unlock the single biggest factor in creating momentum toward your health and fitness goals.
  • Understand where guys get stuck and how to move through fitness plateaus.
  • Discover the golden triangle of fitness to understand the fastest way to build energy.
  • Learn how to build a sustainable fitness strategy that fits in with your life.
  • Not only the right information but also the implementation strategies needed to take action.



"Simple measures clearly assist with mindset and energy- the morning routine sets you up for a positive well thought out for the rest of the day. The second week clarified a how all the aspects tie together, having a number of tools to test and use was great."

"Hey Nick, I really enjoyed the process. My plan going forward is to stick to the new routine I have put in place. Use the lever at any times I feel like I need that extra nudge. That really stuck with me."

What, you want more info before you commit?! OK, I'm the same, here are some of the bits I've included...

  • Daily Live Video Training
  • Follow along workouts
  • Full workout plans
  • Full Supercharged Challenge Guide
  • Live Q and A
  • Group Accountability and Support
  • Energy Management checklist
  • Nutrition 101 - Eating for Energy
  • Energy Drain Map
  • Fitness Scorecard - Identifying your key focus
  • Hydration map
  • Direct access to your coach

...basically, everything you need to take action and make progress. My goal is to make you feel silly to not take part in this FREE opportunity.

About Me. Nick Quinton

Fitness Coach, with over 20+ years of experience in clinical medicine, health and fitness. Ex-Paratrooper, Army PTI and Paramedic. Focusing on getting guys in their 40's fitter and stronger than they have ever been. Cutting out the noise and fluff to find the simple tactics that deliver results.

Those are the headlines, but, what it doesn't tell you is that I struggled with energy for a long time. I am now a father of two young boys with minimal time to train, eat well and manage my energy.

Resources are tight, to say the least! This has forced me to experiment and implement specific strategies to maintain my fitness and health. It has been a windy road from the army, through to a fat ambulance man struggling with shift work and running a business, to a busy dad with two energised boys running circles around me.

Circumstance and my experience in fitness have forced me to create a new strategy focused around the minimal effective dose, the smallest simplest actions that yield the biggest results.

That is what I want to share with you over the next 7 days and help you design a specific strategy so you can progress. There are no shortcuts but, if we can understand and implement the fundamentals we can all make progress.

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