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MATT BAKER - Property Business Owner

Matt came to me stressed, overwieght and struggling for energy. ...Sound Familar?

Listen to his story...

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Maybe you have not committed to change because....  

Not sure if you need a coach or any help, you used to be fitter but know age is playing a factor, that’s normal, right?  

I would love to agree with you, and I am sure some of your closest circle probably do but, I want to be a true friend to you and hold a mirror up to what you are saying. Which is, ‘the consequence of transforming seems more painful than the problem!’  

The more we age the harder we must work, not the other way around when it comes to health, the choices we made up until this point have not served us. Think again, stop rationalising, start taking action!  

Don't have the confidence to get out and start exercising  

As guys we do not like to admit this but, this is something I come across all the time and whether we like to admit it or not, we are all self-conscious and the longer we leave our health the harder it is to look ourselves in the mirror and take action. Yes, you will have to overcome some fears, yes, perhaps you are not as fit as you were and, yes, it will be tough to start with – that’s why you might need help in getting started and investing in knowledge and accountability.  

I don't know how to choose the right option, I’m overwhelmed  

I completely get this, if you are starting back into exercise after a break then it can seem overwhelming. Just remember not making a choice is a choice, effectively choosing to live in the pain that they you created. Own it, choose a path, a stake in the ground, move forward.  

Working with a trainer or a coach is expensive  

It is a significant investment…..for a very good reason, it if was free how much commitment and investment would we get from you (the client). The price point has nothing to do with the coach’s interest in profit (a hard concept to truly understand). Simply put, the more the client invests, the more they are going to actually show up and ensure they get the results they want. You are enrolling yourself into your dreams, don’t be cheap.